I know it looks like a basketball something.

However, it’s actually dance class.

Bell and a good friend of our family are trying out a few West Coast Swing steps.

My husband and I had been asked to give a few private lessons to another family.

They also happen to be the assistant coach for our basketball team.

So we met after practice one day and had a blast.

I was surprised by how much fun we all had.

I am not a dance instructor, neither is my hubby.

We have danced for years.

As a teen my hubby took professional lessons and has enjoyed it ever since.

Being a member of the FFA, I learned a few of the simplest steps to keep from being a wall flower at the FFA dances.

Together we have danced at weddings and other social events when there was the opportunity.

We have danced in our living room.

When our oldest girl was a Senior her friend, who planned to be her date at Prom, asked that we teach them so they’d actually get to dance at the dance.

We did and all of us enjoyed it.

Her husband learned to dance when they became engaged.

It was one of the best parts of their wedding, all of us dancing together.

We’ve had a total of 2 dance classes with our Assistant coach and his lovely family.

At the end of the class we chatted and decided we’d invite others who also expressed interest in learning.

Then we’re going to rent the local Grange and actually have a dance.

I am looking forward to it.

Life crowds in with so many priorities.

Yet, I know God wants us to fellowship and spend time with one another.

What better way to do that than to stretch out of the routine.

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