Singular love


My mother has raised sheep for many years.

Countless nights did we spend in the barn or pasture with a flashlight trying to help a ewe and lamb or lambs.

Yet, it has been a blessing when reading the Bible.

I have been able to understand the scriptures about our Good Shepherd better because I’ve been in the field with sheep.

Psalm 23 is my life chapter.

Through good times and difficult ones I’ve found great comfort in the words “The LORD is my shepherd…”

The parable of the lost sheep (Matthew 18:10-13) has always made sense since I’ve stayed out far past my desired time searching the pastures for a sheep which didn’t come in.

Yet the truth of these scriptures was reiterated in a quote I read.

“God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.” Augustine

Jesus would have died for me if I was the only sinner.

Yet He loves us all and died for each and every person.

How incredible the singular love God has for each one.

What an amazing awesome God He is!

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