Birthday joys


He wanted Daddy to see this sign.

He thought it was funny that someone would think toys and bikes would go in the garage.

(Ours live in the shed.)

The day was full of memories made since the trip was to celebrate his birthday next month.

Strange as it may sound Grandma  (my mom) and Jase had arranged for them to make this birthday trip back before the wedding this summer.

We spent hours in two different stores.

We ate lunch and drove home.

It was fun.

It was a memory made and time well spent.

Funny how some of the most important memories are not the ones you expect.

Our daughters were chatting about a memory.

They started with : “I remember this one place you and Dad took us that was so fun, but for some reason we only went there once.”

I asked them to describe it.

“Well it was a big room full of balls with a small slide we could go down into the balls as much as we wanted to.”

I giggled!

The only place we ever took the family which had a room like the one they described was a furniture store when we purchased a new couch.

What I thought was really interesting was we had taken them to Chucky Cheese that day as well, but what they remembered was the furniture store.

Sometimes I wonder what kind of memories they will have about me.

What things will they see as my priorities?

How am I using my everyday with them as a blessing to help mold their future?

Until recently I’d never really thought about the time as a child being short, but when my husband kissed me and said, “I’ve been married to you longer than I lived with my parents” I was struck with the reality that childhood is fleeting.

Since the moments of memories are short I want to plant seeds of truth, love, and hope which all point to Jesus.


Frankly, I’m not always sure.

Yet, I’m trusting the Lord to guide me and I’m listening for the still small voice.

And this too might be a way.

To write down my thoughts, struggles and prayers for in my weakness Jesus is found.

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