We took this last March when Mom, Bell, Anne, and I flew out to the family farm in Michigan.

This flag is really really old and I wanted to remember it.

Before my grandparents purchased the farm it had been a dairy.

Liberty Dairy

It had this flag and a small stone replica of the Statue of Liberty.

It was so precious to give my children a chance to step into the heritage of my mother’s family.

We still have family who live and work the farm.

It’s a horse farm now where my aunt, uncle and cousins work at teaching people how to handle horses.

They also have a foundation which works super hard to get handicapped people on horses as part of their rehab or just to experience something different.

Our few days on the farm were a wonderful chance to show the kids another aspect that hard work and loving others is well worth it.

Mom and I were chatting yesterday about my father’s side of the family.

Daddy has been gone for 18 years yet I still like to review the stories of the family.

We were talking about how my great grandmother’s name was down as Bryant but there was a notation which stated it had been changed from O’Brian.

When was it changed?

Why was it changed?

No idea.

That part of the heritage is missing.

Yet I still smile when I think if the O’Brian because my father’s sister had told me many times as a child that I was related to an Irish princess and should therefore act the part.

I have no idea if it’s true or was her way of encouraging good behavior but it makes me smile.

Heritage is something which helps us feel connected and gives us roots.

Unfortunately not all the things in my family history are honorable or worth retelling.

Yet there is a heritage I’m always happy to share.

My greatest heritage, which I cling to with all that is in me, is my spiritual heritage.

The Bible clearly states those who trust in the Lord Jesus Christ become joint heirs in the kingdom of God.

That includes all the saints before us and all that will come.


Now that is some heritage!

Dear Jesus,

Thank you Lord for causing even the orphan to be able to have a wonderful heritage. All that You ask in return is a life devoted to You. Father, please help me to pass on the heritage You have so graciously granted so others will also join in the family and become heirs in the kingdom of God!

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