The next chapter


This chapter in life has been full of the unexpected, both blessings and trials.

Above is an example of a blessing!

You can see Jase hanging with Spud.

When our daughter married she got a hubby and his dog.

Jase and Spud get along well.


Of course he’s a character!

I can’t say I thought he was a blessing the day before the wedding when he lifted a leg on a decoration.

Thankfully we had a replacement!

But Jase has really enjoyed Spud.

It’s another layer in this new chapter.

All of us are working to figure out how to walk as life continues to change.

This thing called growing up isn’t easy.

I thought it was tough doing it, but I’m thinking it’s harder trying to train your children to do it.

There’s no formula or series of steps.

It’s a moment by moment path.

I’m glad of that, because I lean on Jesus more.

Especially when facing a trial.

My poor hubby had to leave for a business trip fully knowing our water pump was having extreme issues.

God is still walking us through this one, but the blessings have come from our son-in-law and his dad.

Blessings at times look like trials.

Just yesterday we had a circumstance I wasn’t sure how to handle.

I took a few moments to pray and asked God for insight.

I needed to see the real issue, not just the emotion.

Thankfully I felt led to change my tone of voice and to stop what I was doing and focus on the person.

I’m still praying, because it seemed resolved but only time will tell.

It’s a blessing to be reminded to seek the Lord.

I’ve been trying harder to seek the Lord for my own emotions as well.

I want to be facing each chapter in life with Jesus’s perspective, not my own.

He recently showed me an area of pride which I had been completely blind to.

It’s embarrassing to look at your sin and realize it’s been there a long while, yet how good and freeing it is to repent!

How many other blessings and trials we will have in this chapter only the Lord knows.

Yet, I’m certain He’s our security no matter what this chapter holds.

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