God answers His people


This is where we live.

Like other places it has a story.

One of my favorite stories is about a Circuit Riding Preacher who felt called to settle in this valley.

His name was John Standley.

My husband and I were asked to be the directors of our yearly children’s camp.

My husband prayed and felt led to theme it around the Circuit Riding Preachers.

We are using Elisha’s life to teach important points.

This being the weekend for camp I’ve been very busy with details.

At one point I found we were short two counselors.

Since I had only 3 days to fill the positions I was feeling anxious.

I prayed.

God reminded me of all the things He is able to do.

He reminded me of His recent help.

The week before our daughter’s wedding our main dish was suddenly unavailable.

I went to prayer because with 200 people invited I wasn’t sure what to do next.

God came through and we had delicious Tri-tip.

I knew He could fill the counselors.

After praying I made two calls and had both positions filled.

Tuesday I found our transportation to get the kids to camp had fallen through.

I spent most of the day praying.

I asked others to pray.

God answered.

By mid afternoon we had transportation.

Today is setup and tomorrow is camp.

I went to bed early last night with a headache.

This morning I feel worse.

I’m praying.

I know God has an answer.

It may not be the one I want to hear, but I know that God answers His people.

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