Just have fun


Sometimes I struggle.

My kids understand, even though it annoys them.

It annoys me too.

Sometimes it annoys my hubby.

Yet, sometimes I struggle just having fun.

I want to defend myself.

If others realize how busy I am.

If those around me could just see the tasks calling my name.

If they only knew.

Of course none of this cares any weight.

God never told me I was to work unceasingly.

Infact the Bible specifically mentions a day of rest.

It talks about joy and gladness.

And deep in my heart I know my time isn’t to be filled with stuff.

Actually God makes it clear that people are more important.

So I’m trying.

I’m looking for opportunities to just have fun, even when I have other things calling to me.

In this case it was ten minutes before the basketball game.

Our son asked if he could play on the playground.

I wanted to say no.

To explain that there was no one outside to watch.

That it was almost time for the game.


However, I walked him outside.

I sat on a bench in the shade.

I was able to just enjoy watching him have fun.

These days are numbered.

I won’t always have children at home who beg to be allowed to “just have fun”.

I praise God for these days.

I’m so thankful I didn’t worry about the list.

What a blessing,

to just have fun.

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