That’s our girl in the black and white.

She took 1st in both her races today.

I  was very proud of her.

Especially since she was throwing up between races.

Yet, I was inspired by another race.

As I stood waiting for our girl to run, the boy’s 800 began.

I cheered for the boys from our school.

Then I noticed a boy from the school I graduated from, Douglas high.

He was running the 800.

Well, most of the time he was running.

As he came around my corner his pace was slow.

Several of his teammates shouted encouragement.

He kept going.

I watched him slow to a walk twice before he began approach my corner again.

He was walking.

Many of his teammates were yelling encouragement.

Told him to keep it up.

Said to finish strong.

Shouted, “You got this!”

Just as he rounded the mark for the last 100 meters a loud male voice came across the field.

He was simply shouting the runner’s name.

He ran across the field and up along side his teammate.

He stayed in the grass, but kept yelling his team mate’s name.

By this time the boy was running.

They ran the last 100 meters side by side.

One on the track the other in the grass.

It brought tears to my eyes as I watched and listened.

The boy in the grass called his friend’s name the whole way.

I was inspired.


How often we find the race of life a struggle.

Yet just one person to run alongside and call encouragement can make all the difference.

I want to be like that young man.

As I run towards Christ, I want to run alongside those who are also running towards Him with all their strength.

I want to call encouragement to those He has placed in my life, words bolster their run, to watch them run as fast as they can.

And frankly, I want some people running alongside me, shouting my name.

So, I’m inspired.

I hope this story inspires you.

Run the race.

Run with all you have.

And look for those who need to hear their name, calling them to run as well. 


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