Our middle girl earned her driver’s permit last week.

I smiled broadly as the lady behind the counter gave me careful instructions on how to teach my daughter to drive.

I didn’t interrupt with the fact that I’ve already taught one daughter how to drive.

I just listened and understood she wasn’t attacking my teaching ability,  she was simply doing her job.

Recently I had another experience where I was the one talking, only my well meant efforts were simply seen as an attack on the hearer’s ability.

I felt bad.

Had to deal with my feelings in return,  after all I was only trying to help…



Keep working on the attitude in myself, and keep in check my words.

Perhaps I could have phrased what I was saying differently.

Maybe my tone of voice could have been better.

Possibly the timing was poor.

So, as I walk through the day I’m looking for opportunities to get it right.

Chances to continue to love.

“And this commandment we have from Him: that he who loves God must love his brother also.” 1 John 4:21 NKJ

There are days when loving those around me are easier than others.

“Lord, please help me to love those around me. Keep my words from bringing those around me to harm. Help me to speak with kindness, especially when the words I need to say are words of correction. Teach me to hear the heart behind those words which cause me hurt. Help me to hear and apply words of correction to my own life. Thank You for always walking with me. Thank You for teaching me how to continue in love.”


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