When things get rough


I don’t know if I’m the only one.

But sometimes things get rough.

It’s funny.

Rarely does it have much to do with my circumstances.

Most of the time it has everything to do with my perspective.

I loose hope.

Which seems ridiculous.

My name is Hope.

How can I loose it?

Because I’m human.

Because I have flaws.

Because I forget all the positive beautiful promises of God.

At least my emotions don’t line up with what my head knows to be true.


Maybe I’m the only one who gets discouraged.

But when things get rough,

And I can’t see past the emotions,

I have a few weapons.

I have friends.

Lovely people who pray for me,  especially when I drop texts asking for prayer.

I have journals, to look back and remember all the times God has stepped in and saved me.

I have God’s Word,  which comforts and guides me.

I have prayer, which helps me to steady my emotions and which quiets my heart so I can hear God’s guidance.

When things get rough, I choose to remain steadfast on Jesus.

After all,  He is my example in everything and life certainly wasn’t easy or smooth sailing for Him.

If He can walk through this world knowing it was His calling to come and die a terrible death, I certainly can walk through a few uncomfortable circumstances.

As I reflect on Jesus I find my courage returns.

As I meditate on His promises I remember my hope.

No matter what this life holds, it is only temporary.

Heaven awaits.

Eternity with Christ.

Hope renewed!


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