These are our beautiful kids.

Our oldest is in college now.

Our middle girl is in high school.

Life seems to move on whether I like it or not.

As I’ve been walking with the Lord this school year I’ve had many surprises.

There have been some sorrows as well.

Yet the thing which caused the biggest impact was the turn our kids’ education has taken.

We’ve been aware that our three younger children all have learning disabilities.

Yet God had a change, He was guiding me to teach my kids, myself.

No, I’m not a prefessional in learning disabilities, but I have been being trained by others and the Lord on how to teach my children.

It has been an exciting time.

I continue to look forward to all that the Lord is going to do.

And He’s given me so much help.

I have my wonderful husband who supports me 100%.

I have a tutor in a nearby town.

I have our public school Special Education teacher and his aids.

I have our public school’s speech teachers.

I have our Christian school teachers.

It is truly amazing how God has provided so much for our children.

What a wonderful God!

He’s love and provision astounds me.

I can’t say I’ve always looked at the circumstances this way.

I have had moments of selfish motives when I wished God would just change my kids so they could learn like everyone else.

There are times I’ve asked Him, “Why does it have to be so hard?!” “Why do my kids have to struggle? ”

And of course they have asked me the same questions.

I love the answer.

“Because you can’t see how all this is working together for their good.”

And in my heart I know it is working together for my good as well.

If everything came easy I would never learn try, perseverance, or even compassion.

If struggles in childhood didn’t come how would my children learn how to deal with the real world?

If God didn’t create us each individual where would creativity and expression come from?

God didn’t create only yellow.

He created a vast rainbow of colors.

God didn’t create one person with a set of blue prints to make the same model over and over.

He creates each person beautifully unique and gifted.

It’s all about understanding He has a plan, a purpose, even for the hard things.

I know I’m not completely able to grasp it all.

I know I’m unable to see exactly what He’s doing.

But I also know,
He has a plan and is working it out daily.

Even my kids can look at our lives and see it.

For us our comfort resides in God.

His love for us.

His provision for our needs.

His ultimately in control.

We can smile and say:


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