This hasn’t been very fun.

We are the visitors and although this is a photo of the clock at half time it gives an idea.

The second half wasn’t really fun either.

The other team coach rotated in his less experienced girls and we finally were able to put in some baskets.

The end score was 62 to 21.


Yet the evening peaked for me when one of the team came up and told me our daughter was in the locker room really doing badly.

Thankfully we had some pain medicine which got her to the place where she could walk, with help, to our car.

It was a somber drive home.

Why does God allow things like this?

What could possibly be gained by being creamed to the point of, well almost wanting to give up?

I know that there are times we learn more from the loss.

Try doesn’t come from things being easy.

There is so much we can gain through pain.

I took away the love of many.

As we drove away my phone began to blow up with texts from concerned parents, friends, and fellow team mates.

All of a sudden the game was just a distant memory.

My daughter’s well being was the priority.

(Which she has improved a bunch and I believe she’s going to be fine.)

So even in the pain of such a loss, the warmth of love from others has restored our joy.

God can teach, comfort, and guide even when we hurt.


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