It depends on the priority of the individual.

Yet each of us seems to be searching.

I see it in our children.

When they were younger they were searching for the security of loving parents.

As they have grown, I’ve seen them searching to belong, to be accepted by their peers.

As an adult I often find myself searching.

Sometimes it is for answers, other times it is for rest, and still others it is for the things I think I need.

The longer I walk with the Lord the more I realize my searching has a fulfillment.

I am loved and have security in Him.

I am accepted and valued by Him.

I can receive answers and provision from Him.

It is truly amazing how even my need for friendship can be fulfilled by Him.

No, I don’t always feel this truth.

Sometimes I’m afraid, or hurt, or angry.

But it never lasts.

In the quiet, I know He is working.

In the silence, I’m reminded of the truth.

There is nothing more rewarding than searching for Jesus and finding Him.

He’s waiting.

What have you been searching for?


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