Experience has taught me to take advantage of opportunities.

Like this moment when the kids all flopped in the snow trying to make angels.

(I missed the opportunity to get a picture of our big Golden laying on her back in her own effort to duplicate the kids’ actions. I was laughing too hard!)

Just being outside in the snow was an opportunity.

We’d been working on school work all day and every day this week.

Cold weather isn’t something I normally enjoy by being in it.

Yet the kids had asked me several times to go outside with them.

Yes, I still had plenty of work inside.

However, my children won’t be at home forever.

We won’t have snow for long.

And God doesn’t expect me to waste the opportunities He gives me.

By the time we were heading back inside I had snow all down the inside of my coat, my toes were completely numb, and I had laughed so much my stomach hurt.

I’m so thankful for these little opportunities.

“Lord, thank You for our children. Thank You for allowing me to enjoy time spent together. I know You place opportunity into everyday. Opportunity to love, to shine Your light in the darkness, to grow ever closer to You. Please continue to help me see the opportunity and to take them as they come.”

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