Forever a classic


I live in a little town.

It doesn’t even show up on most maps.

Don’t ask me how many people live here, I really don’t know.

I do know that the man who owns our one and only gas station knows me, my husband and all our kids by first name.

So when we had the opportunity to shop in a “big” mall I was excited to go to Barnes & Noble.

I took this picture to celebrate.

(Yes, it’s the kid section!  My favorite books are mostly for the young reader.)

As we looked at more books than I’ve seen outside our library in a while I came across a table.

The sign said, “Classic books for only $20” (or something to that effect.)

I was tickled to buy my mom a set of 7 Jane Austin novels in one hard back.

Then my eye landed on a title.

My heart flip-flopped.

There on the table was my favorite book.

I smiled.

I own a copy.

I  actually own, like…4.

Can you guess?

It was the Bible.

I had to admit it is a classic.

It is a book old and renowned.

There is good reason for this.

Never have I found a better book on how to be a loving wife

Never have I found a better book on how to raise my children.

Never have I found a poem which spoke directly to my heart like the psalms.

Never have I read a more exciting love story or battle scene or family drama than the true lives of the Bible’s characters, from Adam and Eve to the story of a baby born in a stable.

Never has any book formed my life like the Bible.

Because it is God’s word.

He chose to use people to transverse thousands of years and to place His word in one book.

It is a classic.

More than that.

It is the greatest book ever written.

Yes, I’ve heard the arguments.

Yes, I’ve heard those who say it is flawed beyond reason.

No, I am not swayed.

I have been reading this book since I was a youth.

And God has never ceased to change my life through its pages.

So if you don’t have one, I encourage you to add to your library.

It’s a classic, meaningful forever.


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