3 days and 8 teens


It was super fun.

I was so blessed to go.

Our girl’s high school basketball team had a three day tournament far enough away they were staying in a hotel.

As the “Mom” who was acting as chaperone I got to travel in the van and stay with the team.

It was so much fun.

Our girls played hard and were improving with each game.

No, we didn’t win all of them, but we gained a lot.

Watching our girls work together to score or to deny a score was a joy.

The girls have learned to look to each other instead of trying to force a hoop on their own.

I pray they will take this into life.

God didn’t create us to try to live only unto ourselves.

He placed us with others and He gave us all a goal.

How we work to complete the goal is different, just like on the court there are different positions.

Yet, it can’t be denied that we are able to do so much more with our lives when we work as a team.

I’m married.

I have kids.

I could work with my husband and with my children or I can choose to be self focused and work against them.

What is it worth?

Will I be able to make the goal on my own efforts?

Probably not.

Just like our girls couldn’t go out and score baskets by themselves.

So I’m super thankful for 3 days and 8 teens.

I’ve been reminded of a valuable lesson.

I’m part of a team.

I  want to play my position to the very best of my ability while assisting others, that way we can follow the directions given us by God and reach the goal.


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