What God has in store


Do we really know and understand what God has in store?

Is there really a way to walk in this life and to know what is coming?

The truth is we don’t have to know all that is in our future.

We simply need to know Who is in our future.

If we are children of God.
If we live daily in submission to Jesus.
If we walk in His truths,
then our future is certain.

We will be held by God no matter the circumstances.

My own life has taken so many twists and turns I never expected, yet not even one time has God left me.

He has guided me in His will over and over.

He has walked me forward continually.

He has provided for my needs and blessed me with many of my desires.

Nothing that I have has been to feed my pride or bloat my ego, but God has often provided little blessings which remind me continually of His love and care.

No, I rarely get the latest newest fanciest whatever.

But those things are not what bring me joy.

Joy has come in the warmth of generosity from a friend.

Joy has been in the love of the children and teens in my life.

Joy has been in the kind caring words of those around me.

Do I know what God has in store for me?

Yes, He promised never to leave me, never to forsake me.

And in return I’ve promised Him, to live surrendered to His will each and every day.

After all,
I know I can trust Him.

I know He will be faithful.

No matter what is in store…


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