What can I say…


I am almost without words.

I really can’t feel the truth, but like it or not I’m here.

Our Bell is 16…


Yup, I’m still breathing.

So, why the drama?

It’s just gone by so quickly I can hardly believe it is true.

Yet, I’m glad.

As you see our Bell plays basketball.

(This pic is from the first game of the year and she’s standing with one of her good friends whom she’s known since 2nd grade.)


(This is her at the end of last season’s track.)

But even better than sports our Bell loves Jesus.


(This is our girl playing the part of Mary in our church Christmas program.)

She has taken it upon herself to build a relationship with Christ.

Yes, she still struggles.

Yes, I still struggle too.

Yes, Jesus will get us both through and by His grace our lives will bring glory to His name.

So, as I drink in the reality of our girl turning 16, I can taste joy.

We don’t know the future, but we can plant seeds into today.

As we celebrate this milestone I’m praying for opportunities to bless our daughter.

So I bow my head…

“Lord, thank You for our beautiful Bell. Bless her with wisdom, an attitude of joy no matter the circumstances, and a tannasity to work hard at the tasks before her. Help keep her vision clear of self catering and to notice those around her. Please continue to open her mind to learning so she is able to tackle the problems life throws her direction. Father, guide her and speak directly to her heart so she hears Your voice and walks steadfastly in Your paths. Let her be wise, kind, and appropriate in her relationships. Give her the gift of true friendship with people who will encourage her in righteousness. Fill her with a knowledge of You. Again,  thank You for our Bell. What an incredible gift she is to all who know her.”


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