Not exactly…


These are our daughters’ cats.

Emma (on the box) belongs to Charity.

Grace (in my potted tree) belongs to Beth.

When we got Grace several years ago it was to give Bethy something to take care of, something to be responsible for.

At that point she was the only child who didn’t have a pet.

Jase had a fish.

Charity had a different kitty, George. (We still miss him!)

Our Bell had Rose, our Golden Retriever.

So, Beth was blessed when another family offered to let her choose from their kittens.

Poor Grace hasn’t always seen life through our family perspective.

I’ve had moments when I truly wondered what was going through her head.

(Like the time I walked into the kitchen to see where she had ripped open a brand new loaf of bread and shredded the entire top off instead of eating her cat food.)

(Or the moment a few weeks ago when I had both arms full and she ran across the walk way and threw herself down just in front of my feet.)

(Not to over look the countless times I’ve been pouring milk into her bowl when she leaps into the air, attacks my arm, and we both wear milk.)

Yet I stopped recently and took this photo of her.

I placed the pots near our front door to be decorative.

Grace is certain I put them there for her new bed.

It is so comical to see our cat sitting in a planter.

I had a friend over for tea recently and there was Grace sleeping face down in the potted tree!

My friend laughed out loud and then asked, “Is that normal? ”

“Yes it is, she does that all the time!”

So our daughter’s pet is not exactly what we expected when she came home, but it proves even the unexpected can bring a smile.

Who knows what she will do next.

The only thing I can be sure of it’s another opportunity to see God’s hand in my everyday.

God has blessed us with this cat, even if, at times, she’s not exactly what I think a blessing looks like!


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