My Lighthouse


One of my favorite songs we sang last year at school was “My Lighthouse “.

I don’t know who wrote it, but the words are so encouraging.

To be reminded of how I can always find my way by looking to the Lord.

This past week our family passed around the tummy flu and at times it felt the storm of illness wasn’t going to give way.

Yet throughout the week God continued to guide me as I rescheduled and administered medicine and tried to still complete the tasks which would not wait.

It is in the times of struggle which can bring separation and damage or it can bring salvation and comfort.

The light of God’s love is ever shining.

The truth of His goodness is ready to direct.

The solid, never changing righteousness of the Lord can be trusted.

As I look to recover from our week of illness I can smile.

He led us through something as little as a tummy bug.

I know I can trust Him to lead us through no matter what storm might arise next.


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