It was almost a week.

Our family had been planning this for some time.

Our family as well as some of my extended family were going to camp in the mountains.

Our tent has a lovely wood stove which provides plenty of heat and can be used to keep the kettle warm.

We had a large fire pit and kept it going through the day and evening for warmth as well as heating the endless soups I had made.

Our time was full from the moment we awoke to the time our sleepingbags called us to turn in.

About four days in we were able to use a camper trailer’s shower, but otherwise we just wiped off the dirt and dust.

Despite the location my sister gave us an anniversary dinner, where we all feasted on a delicious meal.

(My hubby and I celebrated 19 years last Monday! )

After arriving home I found something had changed.

Normally I don’t think about the everyday convenience of hot running water.

Yet after several mornings of frozen water, I was excited to turn on the sink at home.

I didn’t mind not washing clothes while we were away, but I love having fresh clothes to wear each morning, rather than the smoky dusty clothes from my duffle.

How often do I take for granted the little comforts which are not available to everyone?

How often have I failed to reflect upon the struggles the Pioneers must have faced crossing this beautiful and rugged country?

How scarcely do I even understand the demands of just food preparation the Pilgrims faced when they landed in Massachusetts?

All of this reflection leads me to look directly to the Father.

The Bible talks about how God holds everything together,  how He provides for our every need.

Indeed I can see it so much more clearly after my week in the woods.

Although I live in comfort, with soft bed and pleasant surroundings it is simply another proof to the blessing of God.

No, I don’t deserve these blessings and if I’m not careful they can become a snare to me.

In our comfortable society we often forget those who suffer.

We can begin to line up our “stuff” and grow more concerned about adding to the pile than sharing the blessing.

We can grow calloused to the many comforts and begin to covet the ones we don’t have.

Yet, I never want those things to be true in my life.

I want to daily thank God for each comfort I’m blessed with, while looking for opportunities to bless those around me.

I never want to “want” the things I don’t have, but to instead rely so completely on the Lord for each area of my life.

After my week in the woods I can say:

“Thank You, Lord Jesus. Thank You for every blessing and comfort. Thank You for my almost week in the woods, time spent with family, and a wonderful anniversary. Thank You Jesus! “

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