Unexpected help



Can you see them?!

One of these little guys is easier to spot than the other, but both I consider to be blessings.

Why is a little tiny frog a blessing?

Well let me back up a bit.

School began and to be frank my first week was less than stellar.

I found myself in week two simply trying to stay on top of the constant demands of life and feeling like a failure.

I managed to get through.

On Saturday I went out to my neglected garden.

It was honestly more about spending time with the Lord, in a place I love, than harvesting the veggies.

Yet, as I wandered back and forth praying, I was noticing the beans seemed to have less bug marks than 2 weeks ago.

I didn’t really think about it.

I went back to telling the Lord about my emotions and trying to seek Him for answers.

Then it happened.

I spotted the green frog on the squash.

I smiled.

Took a picture.

Went back to my troubles and concerns.

Then it happened.

I spotted the second frog in the beans.


No wonder my beans look better.
They must be eating some of the aphids!

It was at this juncture the Lord spoke to my heart.

“I care about the little things as much as the big ones. If I can handle your garden I can handle this too.”

And so with tiny, unexpected helpers, the Lord Jesus showed me His faithfulness.

No matter what I’m walking through,

“Thank you, Jesus, for the tiny frogs in my garden, as well as Your hand in my entire life.”

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