Often I find myself wondering.

“Am I the only one?”

“What should I do now?”

These questions come nearly every time my body refuses to function.

I get sick.

I  have to go to bed.

I am unable to serve my family or our church or the school.

On top of those facts I feel miserable and my family worries.

Several years ago I became deathly ill.

After months I finally recovered.

Yet my poor family never has been able to shake the worry when I again become ill.

I’ve had friends ask, “why would God allow all this when you work so hard serving Him?” “What about all the good you are doing for others?”

They have a good question, but it is flawed.

When I was so sick I learned our perspective is not the same as God’s.

Yes, He calls us to do.

But He created us for more than our accomplishments.

He created us out of love.

I don’t stop loving my kids if they are sick in bed and unable to do their chores.

Instead I try to find ways to nurture them while their bodies heal.

Jesus does that for me when I’m sick.

He and I have some of our best conversations when I’m too sick to leave my room.


Probably because He has my full attention.

No, I don’t blame God for making me sick.

I simply trust Him to use it when I am.

Like today.

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