A chance to grow


This lovely flower is an example of the surprising things which can occur in life.

We had lived at our present home for almost a year when I noticed a strange plant in the yard.

It was really very small and odd looking, because it had been mowed more than once.

I really didn’t give it much thought as I passed by.

However, last year I decided to dig it up and move it to a place it would be away from the mower.

It wasn’t in a prominent spot and I didn’t even water the thing.

In fact I forgot about it altogether.

When I walked around the house, the following spring, it was there, 3xs the size.

Imagine my surprise when it burst into beautiful flowers.

Afterwards, I began moving other plants from the lawn to various flowerbeds.

Every plant has grown and bloomed.

It made me think.

In life there are different  circumstances which stunt our growth or cut off our ability.

There are places where just survival is all that seems to be occurring.

(Like the tiny mowed down rose campion in my yard.)

But then the Gardner comes along.

He transplants, waters, and causes beauty to spring forth.

(Unlike my half hearted move of the first plant.)

Jesus knows exactly what each one of us was created for.

Jesus knows the beauty yet to burst forth.

Jesus understands exactly what place, what people, and what He wants for each of us.

But we are different from the flower.

We have a choice.

We get to either follow His plan or continue in the lawn, being mowed down by circumstances which come from being away from His garden.

Dear Reader,

May you follow Jesus. May you benefit from being watered by the Word of God.  May your life bloom.


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