Not the plan, well, not my plan




I have been working toward this day for a while.

I’d planned.
I’d organized.
I had even prayed regularly.

It was yesterday.
Our Sissy’s grad party.

Two weeks before I’d been working on the yard.
Three days before I had begun baking.
The day before, with help of my Father, kids, and my almost other daughter we had decorated.

Yesterday I was feeling excited about the event although a bit nervous.
Because the night before it had rained–a lot.
I was trusting God to bring the sun in time to dry everything out.
I went to town for the last few things and it was raining.

I figured, no problem it will clear up.

By 3:30 my expression had changed.
The party was to be at 5.
It wasn’t just raining, it was pouring.
When the thunder started I went out in the rain and removed as much as I could from the soaked decorations.

I was praying, but it wasn’t as joyful as I wanted it to be.

In fact the joy was being soaked in disappointment.

At this juncture my Bell walks into the kitchen.

“Mom, why do you think God is allowing it to rain when we have all this planned?”

Trying to not sound bitter or discouraged, “I really don’t know. ”

“I do. He’s building our faith.”

She went on to tell me about how she’d been praying all day and was certain He would not let it rain during the party.

I  had to smile.

Inside my heart I knew she had more faith than I did. All of this could be a blessing no matter what.

So I started rearranging my house to provide seating and a place for the food. It was too wet out to even think about trying to have the food outside anyway.

By 10 till 5 the sun had come out. Bell grabbed the table decorations and reset everything up while I arranged the last of the food.

As people came in we were not only blessed with their smiles and joy, but with the sun.

Sissy moved the music to our front driveway so the kids could still dance.

My sweet hubby started up the small brick fire as well as another in the fire pit to give people a chance to stay warm.

And our family and friends joined in the food, conversation, and celebration of our girl moving into adulthood.

When the last guest left, I was amazed.

It wasn’t the plan, at least not my plan.
But God used it.

He gave us a wonderful memory.
A time of fellowship and fun.
And I learned a lesson in faith.


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