Joy in the sorrow


It’s happened.

Basketball is over.

This year held many moments of bittersweetness.

The moments of pain over games lost.

The moments of fear and concern over injuries.

The moments of sorrow over loosing teammates.

Each of these things were seasoned with joy.

Joy in the lessons learned and character gained from each crushing defeat.

Joy in the healing and restoration of the players.

Joy in the fellowship among those who were able to stay till the end.

Saturday held the largest portion of bittersweet moments wrapped up in a single day.

It was senior night and Sissy was getting to play as well as sing the national anthem.

It was her last game.

It was terrific, despite losing, despite the fact that she fouled out, it was a joy.

So many of our family and friends were able to be there and it was the last time all 3 of our girls would be in the same sport.

It was also a blessing that Sissy’s best friend, who is also a senior was playing.

At the end I was the sentimental mom who asked them to stand together in their uniforms one last time.

But the series of lasts had just begun.

Because Sissy and Bell are both moving up, Sissy to college and Bell to high school.

There was the last season of middle school track, and Bell was blessed by God to walk away with 2 first place medals.


There was the last season of high school track, where despite running on an injured ankle God allowed Sissy to compete one last time at State.


Now we are down to the last days of school.

Field trips, senior trips, invitations, and tons of pictures.

I’m almost sick with the joy mixed with grief.

Yes, I’m grieving for the little girls who are young women, but it is such a happy joyful thing.

Frankly there’s no words for it.

But as I plan and schedule and prepare I keep thinking : praise God!

It is all because of Him that I have been so blessed.

And I can smile.

As this chapter closes, I’m gladly anticipating the unknown future joys the next chapter holds.



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