A few weeds


I went out early this morning to garden.

One of my favorite things.

The time with the Lord and the joy of living things around me.

The bird song.

The crisp air.

After watering I began tackling the weeds.

Our son came out and looked quizzically at me.

“What are you doing? ”

“I’m weeding. ”


I smiled.

He didn’t need a long answer, just a simple, “it needs to be done” to satisfy his curiosity.

However it caused me to think and pray.

Weeds spring up everywhere.

Without notification or care.

Left to themselves they will gladly choke out all the tiny plants I hope to harvest from when they are more than seedlings.

It’s true in my spiritual growth as well.

Without constantly working to clear away the offenses, the hurt, the selfishness,  the insecurity, and the fear these things would choke out love, brotherly kindness, compassion, faith, and trust.

So I’m doing some weeding this morning.

I’m excited to see what harvest God is expecting from my life.

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