Sometimes life speaks so much louder than one expects.

The little bird in the video reminded me so much of our Heavenly Father.

It all began early in the morning.

Our Isabell was practicing her piano and heard a strange noise from the fireplace.

Upon inspection she found it was this little bird.

For some reason he had flown down our chimney and into the prison of our stove.

Blackness and ash and no way out.

He must have been terrified.

Yet it is not unlike our hearts before we find Christ.

Compassion squeezed her heart as she saw him struggling and she opened the door.

The little guy flew desperately around our living room and then finally headed for the bathroom where our Beth was getting ready for school.

The light which the bird mistook for a way outdoors was only the brightness of artificial illumination.

(Not unlike our attempts to fill the God sized void in our lives with work or pleasure or success or relationships. )

Yet the little lost bird found he was yet again trapped.

This time Isabell was able to throw a towel over him and take him outside.

When she reached the porch she opened the towel to let him fly away.

But he didn’t.

Was it fear which held him unable to move or had he harmed himself? !

Either way the next moment was unguessable.

He rolled off the towel and onto the ground.

(Similar to the moments when depression stops the wings of life.)

But that wasn’t the worst of it.

Isabell looked up to see our cat getting ready to spring upon the helpless little fellow.

(Similar to the enemy attacking when we are the most down hearted. )

Isabell dropped the towel and grabbed for the cat.

Just in time.

She caught it in midair and held tight as the cat peddling all four feet for the feast below.

Suddenly the little bird flew to the top of our chimney.

And when I pulled in a few minutes later there he still was.

But he was singing.

I had no idea of the tragic morning he had encountered.

But as I listened to the story I was impressed.

Just as God allowed our daughter to save the bird over and over until he was finally set free from his own poor choices, so He has done for me.

So I stopped and recording his song.

It is a beautiful picture of what true freedom from sin sounds like.

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