Every season


These beauties were a blessed surprise.

I  planted four bleeding hearts last spring but only this one survived.

Yet their gentle unique flowers gave a thrill when I discovered them.

Like all seasons there are surprises both good and less desirable.

As these flowers sprang forth I could have been distracted from the joy by wondering what became of the other three.

However, the older I get the more often I’m spotting the tiny things which knaw at joy.

Our two oldest girls are making big changes this month.

One is graduating to high school while the other is graduating to college.

It is a blessing.

Yet I’m trying to stay on my guard against the stress, self-pity, and fear which continues to try to knaw a hole in my joy.

Yes, there are many tasks which need to be seen to, but none of them are important enough to cause my attitude to degrade.

Yes, I will miss the times of little girls all playing together in the backyard or dress up tea parties, but I can enjoy a cup of tea and a heart to heart with either of the girls.

Yes, it makes me feel old and less important than when they were toddlers in need of my everything, but it is so rewarding to watch the women they are becoming.

God understood all of these things when He made children and I want to see this entire process from His point of view.

His word shows us that if we are aware, if we are paying attention, we can see His hand in every occasion.

“Lord, let me find joy even among the strange new place I’m walking in.”

I hope you are able to find the same joy in whatever occasion you’re walking in.♡


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