Throw it out and just start over


This was our super tonight.

Yeah…I know.


It started to go south when I realized I had just added salsa instead of tomato sauce.

I know, I should have been paying more attention.

To fix the salsa in my tomato sauce I added ketchup!

Yeah…it wasn’t really fantastic.

So then I added tomato paste and thought we could probably make it work.

I had gotten up early so I put it on low and went to lay down for 20 minutes.

Yeah…it wasn’t a good idea.

I came back to this burnt remnant.


I called my sweet hubby and asked him to pick up some store bought tomato sauce.

Because I can admit I messed up.

I can throw it away and start over.

Because it’s not worth getting all upset about.

Praise the Lord!

I can’t say I would have handled it so well a few years ago.

I probably would have cried and felt guilty.

Grabbed the “I’m a rotten wife” button.

Pinned it on above my pity-party pants.

Because life is horrible and I’m a loser.

I am really not joking- I have acted exactly this way.

Yet Jesus has restored those years.

I am far from perfect but I threw out the button and I try very hard to dress myself in attitudes of thankfulness.

Because sometimes it’s okay,
even important to throw it out and start over.

So whatever is keeping you from walking in the joy of the Lord might simply be a mess you can’t fix, or an attitude which has forgotten the truths of Christ.

Let God’s Word wash you clean, remove any remnants of burnt past, and walk in the healing of a new life in Christ.

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