Little things in prayer


“You shall no longer be termed ‘Forsaken’…” Isaiah 62:4a

This verse lept off the page.
God is speaking to Zion and promising to save them.

My heart swells as I think of how faithful our God is.

He has recently been teaching me a new pathway in prayer.

In the past my prayer times have been full of prayers for myself, my family, our friends,  our church,  our nation.

Sometime this fall the Lord gave me a specific name and told me to pray a specific prayer for them.

I did.

In the back of my mind I wondered how this prayer would be answered and why God would have me pray so specifically.

Then during Christmas events began to unfold which seemed directly counter to my prayers.

Bewildered I continued to pray.

Again events have changed but I’m still uncertain how God is going to use this specific prayer.

I learned something through this.

It is alright to pray specifically.

During these months of prayer for this one person,  I have received some prayer requests.

Each one was something tangible.

Lost items.
Needed help with a circumstance.
Looking for direction.

None of them were Earth shattering,  life-or-death things.

In fact they were small.
Little everyday kinds of things.

Yet God answered each one, most of the time within the day it was sent to me.

I can tell you my faith has been bolstered.

The faith of those asking seems to have been built.

And I have learned to take even the smallest things to the Lord, because I don’t know how He intends to use them.

And why would I think it is too small in the first place?

After all God said He cares for the birds and the beasts.

I know He cares for the little everyday things which make up the lives of those whom He loves.

As Isaiah wrote to Zion.
God would be with them, would save them.

God is with me too, even in the little things in prayer.

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