This is our Beth with her basketball coach.

This lady is an inspiration.

Not just to her girls she coaches but to those who know her.

Even when the score is poor or the players are struggling she normally wears a smile and an encouraging word.

After finding out how much our Beth struggles with reading she bought her a book, encouraging her to read just for fun.

My first encounter with her was actually through her youngest son.

He was a Senior helping in the music department with the middle school kids and he began working with our oldest girl and her love of guitar, something they share.

I was blessed by how he handled teaching her.

That year she along with the other students were involved in a local outdoor concert.

“What’s this for?” I asked off handedly.

“It’s a fund raiser. Luke wants to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation.”

“Neat. That’s a terrific cause.”

“Yeah, they sent his family to Alaska and he wants to be sure to give back. ”


“You know Mom, his older brother. ”

I still can’t remember this without crying just a little.

Here my daughters’ basketball coach who is ever smiling, ever sweet, always encouraging, yet she lost her son to cancer.

She could be bitter.
She could be full of self pity.
She could be stuck in the past.

Yet she’s moving ahead each day.
She invests in others’ children and she is an inspiration.

I know she loves Jesus and would point directly to His comfort and love if asked.

And I thank God for her.

Because no one can walk this life alone, it is so good to have others around who inspire us!

I pray I can be an inspiration to those around me.


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