A little dose of fear


Last week was difficult.

On the Friday previous I left the basketball game with our oldest early because she had received a head injury.

Last Wednesday my adrenaline pumped through my veins because our middle girl fainted during Bible.

So the photograph above is from the Urgent Care where we took her to find out what happened.

Both instances I felt like I was swallowing just enough fear to choke me.

But God…

I love those words.

As scary as it was our daughters are both fine and back doing the things they love.

I walked away with a greater sense of compassion for those who cannot say the same thing.

Last year during basketball our oldest and another girl collided and unfortunately the other girl was taken away in an ambulance. Later we were told she was out for the season.

I am still praying for her and her family, because I have no way of knowing how God will use that in her life.

A young couple from our church just lost their first child and my heart is broken for them.

But our pastor (the grandpa of the little baby boy) reminded us that the story doesn’t end here.

Our principal began the week with a teaching on the tapestry of our lives.

He focused all of it into the point that we can’t see how it will all work out but even the trials, tests, and suffering can be woven into a beautiful picture.

So my mom moments of fear for the well being of my children can be a blessing.

My path of learning to let them go,  to allow them the chance at seeking the Lord, to look on instead of living life for them…

It can all be a part of the tapestry,
And the picture being told is of the greatness and goodness if our God.

He is my Lord and my Savior!

What about you?

How has He woven the circumstances of your life into a testament to His goodness?


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