What can you tell about my family by these shoes?

They were lying beside our front door and I was captured by the diversity of each.

Yet they don’t tell the story which is most obvious.

Yes the boots are my husband’s and the tennies are our son’s and the dress shoes are mine.

But those boots are his hunting ones instead of his work ones.

The tennis are the only pair my son ones right now, due to a sudden growth.

The brown leather dress shoes are one of my favorite.

They fit great,  I can wear them all day without feeling it, and they were a second hand item.

Thinking about these shoes brought to mind the saying: “walk a mile in their shoes”.

I can’t honestly walk in anyone’s shoes but my own.

I am accountable for my own actions, attitudes, and motives, not anyone else’s before the Lord.

I can’t force another to do anything with out in some way trying to usurp their own responsibility for themselves.

(Children are unique, it takes consequences and love to train them to understand their own responsibilities. )

All this is true, yet I am still aware of the fact that God doesn’t ask me to try to manipulate those around me.

He asks me to love them, care for them, and to try to understand the world from their perspective.

So, as I put on my own shoes this morning, I am asking for the ability to live out this verse:

” giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, submitting to one another in the fear of God.” Eph. 5:20-21


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