What is it about fresh snow which causes a crisp clean feeling?

It seems ideal that we should experience snow in a brand new year.

Un spotted

This year is new.

Yet the past year will speckle it with schedules, memories, and responsibilities.

However that isn’t bad.

Infact taking each year as a continuation of a cycle in which God is the author is encouraging.

I like to think of it as a book.

What will this chapter hold?
How will the characters play out?
When will I see the full plot?

No idea.

But, it’s okay, because I can look back at the years behind and see God’s writing.

So looking forward into this bright new year should hold anticipation and faith.

No matter what comes I know the author of this story and I can trust that in the end it will be a worthwhile tale.

Because as with any great story,
life is a thing worthwhile.

A blessing from God.
A new beginning each day,
and an incredible

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