Little bitty socks,

Little bitty curls,

Little bitty buttons,

Pink toes,

Deep giggles,


Soft skin,

Warm hugs…

The list goes on.

Childhood has so many different stages and blessings and joys.

As our children have grown we’ve learned more than I think we could ever teach.

I was thinking about the classic trouble with raising children this morning,
the moment when you ask for them to do something and the response is:

“I don’t want  to! ” Emphasized with a stamp of the foot, a glare, and hands on both hips.

It can be funny from an outside perspective but this morning it was an in-the-face-rebellion.

I had to stop and pray, hard.

Not because of a child refusing to obey but because I realized that was what I was doing.

In my heart I was completely unwilling to step into the day awaiting me.

In my morning devotion I could clearly see the stubborn refusal to move forward into God’s will for my day.


Honestly, because I was being selfish.


How embarrassing…
and sad
and pathetic
and sinful.


“Lord, forgive me for being selfish. Forgive my rebellion and my self pity. Please help me to love serving others no matter how I’m treated,  no matter how I feel about it. Help me to be quick to forgive when my feelings are hurt and difficult to offend. Please guide me, so u don’t waste my time doing other things which simply keep me from Your perfect will. Thank You for mercy and a second chance! “


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