What beauty there is in every season.

Yet I find myself struggling to keep the focus on the season I’m in.

My flesh wants to plan and prepare and organize every detail working for the next season instead of drinking in the blessings of the one I’m in.

Yesterday I was at our local community college helping our oldest register for class.

She’s still a senior this year but we are easing into college with online classes.

And I found myself looking forward.

What about next year?

What about our second daughter, how should I prepare her for college?

What about the finances?

How can we help them pay for all this?

The answers didn’t come until much later.

I was taking caned peaches to the basement for storage and was rejoicing at all I’ve already had the chance to can.

This is the first year in 3 we’ve had enough water to can and I’m so excited.
Then a still soft voice said:

“Did your family starve the years you didn’t can?”

No Lord.

“Will I not show you the way for the future? ”

Yes Lord.

“Then be at peace. ”

I had to smile, despite my disappointment.

Lord, when will I ever learn to trust You?

I have to praise God for He is faithful.

No matter how many times I still struggle with trying to plan and prepare God will still be my provision.

Ps. 100:5
“For the LORD is good;  His mercy is everlasting;  and His truth endures to all generations.”


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