The things which happened to me…


Change is like a gateway.

It opens into new and different and often unexpected ways.

Yet it isn’t always welcome,

There’s a hint of fear in change.

A sprinkling of the unknown leading to the undesirable.

At times change is rejected simply to avoid the unpleasant.

Other times change steps in and forces new ways of thinking, new ways of doing,  a new normal.

” But I want you to know,  brethren, that the things which happened to me have actually turned out for the furtherance of the gospel, ” Philippians 1:12

Paul had been imprisoned and dragged out of his country as a prisoner (and he hadn’t even committed any crime whatsoever Acts 21:26-28)

His change had been brutal and uncomfortable and at times painful, however his attitude is focused on what God was doing through it all.

It is easy to want to stay in comfort and security.

It is normal to want to hold to the lifestyle which brings what we think we want out of life.

Paul gives us a different example.

He knew his life was not given for his sheer enjoyment, but to live for Christ, to preach to anyone who would listen, to train up others younger in the knowledge of Jesus,  and to be willing to give up anything, including life itself.

And in this knowledge he lived a life which still is used by God.

So the question comes:

What kind of life am I choosing?

What kind of changes am I willing to walk through?

What will God do through someone like me?

What will God do with someone like you?

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