This is our second girl,
and I’ve learned so much from her.

While in the UK our kids were shown a sculpture on trees.

One was a giant mosquito and the other a spider.

So they said, “Mom take a picture! ”


Each child picked their place and what they thought would happen if this were a real encounter.

I especially loved that our Bell choose to be thoughtful, yet unaware of the occurrence everyone else seemed focused on.

It’s fitting.

She doesn’t want to ignore people.
She doesn’t mean to miss the things upsetting others.
She isn’t “out to lunch”.

Bell simply doesn’t work on the same wavelength as others.


A common question…

Yet, it isn’t a disrespect or disregard for me when I’m asking her something.  It means she simply wasn’t on the same track.

At times we both found this frustrating.

Yet I’ve come to realize there is value in allowing her to bring me into her view point and her perspective.

Yesterday it was a conversation about a book of Fairy Tales my aunt gave me years ago.

“Mom, I can see so many of God’s truths in some of these stories. ”

“Tell me.”

“Well, like with this one story about a girl who lived with cats…”

I was pleased and surprised because at 14, I was just trying to grasp God’s truth much less finding it in a fairy tale.

Even more than that, I was reminded how much I miss from not allowing her to tell me what is going on in her heart and mind.

Although we are extremely different people and we rarely see things from the same perspective, I have learned how rich it is to listen, to ask, to try things differently, because God created our girl for a purpose and in that He placed a unique perspective.

To force her into doing and begin everything in my perspective would be to damage how He created her.

But it’s tough to think outside of what comes natural for me.

So I seek God’s wisdom and Word to help me see when,  how, and where to guide.

And I smile.

One of the things I love about her the most is her smile.

It radiates from her person like liquid sunshine.

And anyone who knows her can tell you she’s rarely without it.

That’s another thing I could learn from her,
just smile and love life!

Thank You Lord, for our Bell!  Please continue to help us learn the blessings of differing perspectives.


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