In the midst


Our pastor preached on Acts 27 this week.

The story is of Paul being transported to Rome and while on the way the ship is wrecked yet not one person is lost.

He applied the story to our lives by reminding us that even in the midst of any storm God is with us.

It was so fitting.

An older woman who was sent out by our body to the mission field has been struggling and the same morning it was announced a team of people were preparing to go visit her and help in anyway they could.

Another dear lady stood before the church to announce she has terminal cancer.

Underneath these two storms the atmosphere of our fellowship was decidedly quiet.

The normal talk and bustle and chatter seemed squelched underneath the news.

It’s understandable.

Storms are hard.

They pound with a ferocity which seems endless.

When Paul stood on the deck of the ship watching it break apart from the waves I’m sure it wasn’t a moment of supreme joy.

Yet I gather from scripture it was an opportunity to rest in faith and cling to Jesus with inward peace.

As I pray for our missionary and my friend as they endure the storms my request is simple.

Lord, please be with them.  Comfort in the storm. Please let none be offended because of these circumstances.

Too many times watching another person walk through the storms of life can cause pain to those who love them and in this pain their hearts are injured and they turn away from God.

I can think of nothing more tragic than a storm which sinks the faith of a friend or family member.

So no matter what storms come nor how long they last there is hope, peace, comfort, and salvation in the arms of Jesus.

After reading the story of Acts I’m certain Paul would agree.


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