The joy of giving


This beauty graces my friends’ back garden along with others very similar.

Our hearts were blessed as we were hosted by our dear friends while we were in the UK.

The gift of giving us beds to sleep in, food to eat, companionship, and so much more were liberally poured out on us.

Many times during our family evening prayer we asked God to heap blessings upon them for their gifts of giving.

As we returned again we were gifted.

Although it was the “job” a wonderful woman named Sue in the Manchester Airport was the first person I spoke to about our flights and the struggles we had flying out.

I explained that our 14 yr old had been booked separately so there was difficulty with seating and getting her boarding passes.

She walked us to the customs agent, then went to check our flights.

She turned up again at the checking desk and sorted out the computer which wouldn’t read our passports.

She arranged our seats for both flights so I was with the kids both times.

She made certain I had received all the boarding passes for both flights.

She then turned up at the gate to be sure I was okay (at one interval she caught my eyes full of tears as I said “good bye” to my beloved England in my heart) and that we got on the flight without a hitch.

Even after we arrived back in our home state we realized our camera was left under the seat of the airplane.  We found a person at the desk who promptly sent someone back to retrieve it.

Finally, I woke the following morning to yet another gift.

The weather while we were gone was much hotter than normal, 90s-100.

My sweet husband had faithfully each morning and night watered all my plants.

Some of them died anyway but none of them would have survived if he had not been so diligent to tend them.

He said,  at my delight and surprise,
“I just kept thinking of you and I wanted you to know that I understand how much your flowers mean to you. It was a way to be near you, to bless you. ”

I don’t deny it.
I cried.

Mostly due to being overwhelmed by the giving of so many.

Because I know all good things come from God and it was through the love of many for Jesus that they in turn loved me.


It makes me feel so humble,
as I’m completely undeserving of any of it.

Yet my story has been strengthen by the love of Jesus Christ.

Not because of all these gifts,
but because of the gift I received from His giving:

What joy there is in receiving such gifts!

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