One toe


So with socks on you can’t see it.

However underneath the left sock is one toe which God used to teach me something called: humility.

It is our first day of our trip here in the UK and as I ascended the stairs to our rooms it happened.

For those who know me this is old information,  but in case you didn’t already know, I am clumsy.

Turning an ankle,
are almost an every day occurrence.

So this time I tripped, my left foot midair,
I struggled to readjust my balance and ramed my big toe into the stair instead of stepping on it.

As I fell forward,  I praised God no one was around to witness my error.

However, as the day wore on I became increasingly aware of my toe.

It’s funny how you don’t think about little things that serve you faithfully until they stop.

Our next few days of travel my toe continued to be a bother.

Of course it wasn’t helpful that I walked on it everyday for hours on end with little rest or care.

In the back of my mind I kept hoping if I ignored it maybe it would heal!

I know dumb idea! My kids weren’t impressed either!

Finally, after an entire day at the zoo which led to a trip to Lake District ending with choir practice and a walk along Lake Windemere I had to admit it, my toe needed a break.

Looking it over the next morning, I walked into the girls room and asked them to pray.

It was purple and swollen so badly I couldn’t move it, at all.

The girls were all concerned and I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of the being the limping lady. I knew our hosts had a full day planned,  including a trip to Hill Top per my request.

As we prayed I felt guidance.

” Don’t put pressure on it.”

Okay, I tried distribution of weight to my heal as I stepped and noticed immediately a difference.

For the rest of the day I walked funny and put my foot up whenever possible. 

And on those moments I was learning humility.

It is death to one’s pride to say, “I can’t, ”
“I’ll have to rest a little while then we can go on,” “Thank you for waiting for me since I’m walking slowly,”.

As if the day of smiling and limping (instead of feeling sorry for myself) wasn’t enough we ended the day with home group.

As we sat around the host announced we would all play Rounders on the Green.

We headed over and I had to admit I would be happy to watch but wouldn’t be able to join.

Of course one nice young man turned to me.

” Why not play? Don’t you want to? ”

Smile–swallow my pride–explain

“Well, I am clumsy by nature and…”

How good it is to trust in the LORD instead of on myself.

To have others sacrifice themselves, their schedule, their desires just because I was unable.

It meant letting go of my expectations.

It meant realizing my frailty and allowing another to bless me.

It meant refusing to be grumpy or cross simply because of discomfort. 

It meant trusting God to show me something new even in something so little.

Hopefully the next time I harm myself I’ll be quicker to take care of it and more apt to ask for assistance.

Because sometimes pride is refusing to let others bless you, and humility can be taught through the simplest of circumstances…

Including one big toe.



2 thoughts on “One toe

    1. hopekrissie Post author

      It just happens that I’m staying with a doctor who says it is not broken just badly bruised. It’s actually been steadily improving! 🙂 Thanks for the prayers!


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