Bangers and mash


This (incase you don’t know) is bangers and mash.


It happened to be my supper (or tea, whichever you prefer. )

I almost feel like crying.


It tasted great.

The emotions are from the realization that this is my home and I only get to be here a short while.


I’m not British.


I love America just as much.

But when God asked us to move here years and years ago we asked God to help us love the people and in so doing we love the country.

Because it was our home and will always be dear to us.

I can’t explain it any better.

I have friends who have lived over seas and the common thread we all seem to share is the love of a country which is not our birthright.

Yet being able to express this is tricky.

How does one have two lands they love?

What does this even look like?

For me it is remembering that wherever God has placed me is home, while understanding the blessings of the past can trickle into the future by keeping in touch with those who are able.

It can also mean returning (like we are)
just for a visit.

Because God is the author of it all and when I put it under His will it all works out.

And it really isn’t the country which holds our affection but the people we know.

The culture is unique and interesting but it is our relationships with those who are here which gives us joy in a foreign meal.

For what good is there in the things of the world?

No, it is the people God created that are special.


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