Joys of the season


we went cherry picking.

we went to a graduation/18th birthday party.

is lunch with Papa and Nana.

It’s a season.

Not just a chance to be outdoors.
Not just beautiful weather and fresh fruit.
Not just a break from the routine.

It’s a season of life.

When it passes something else will fill in each day,
but to miss the joys of the season would be to waste the gift.

Too easy to look forward to what tomorrow will hold.

Too often to look back “when…”

Too precious to ignore, is the season that each of us resides in, whether it be childhood, teenager, adult.

Each season brings blessings even through the trial.

As infants and toddlers I was always concerned with their health, their manners, their clothes.

As school aged the concern turns to friends, academics, and sports.

Teen years have been full of relationships with everyone, emotions, events and life decisions like GPAs and scholarships.

There is a parallel to the seasons of the year.

Summer holds so many good things,  but I never get stung in the winter.

Fall is colorful and often still allows some time outdoors, yet the flowers all begin to die and the business of school crowds the calendar.

Winter brings the coziness of a warm fire along with hot chocolate, homemade brownies, and holidays, but the flu and colds attack reminding each of their frailty.

Spring is rebirth as trees, flowers, and animals all great the world with something new, yet the weather can fluctuate so rapidly that the rains break the flowers and the trees lose their blossoms.

Are we to look at the seasons and focus on the ways it brings discomfort or loss or pain?


Instead we should look to our Heavenly Father and thank Him for all the positive points in each season.

As you walk in this season of swimming pools, travel, and parties or weddings I pray you are able to make a thankful list. Nothing fancy, nothing worth showing off but simply a chance to recall all the various blessings this season brings.

Here’s one I’m starting:
I am thankful to God for:
1. More time at home.
2. More opportunities to be with family and friends.
3. Weather which allows me to walk in the garden.
4. All the veggies in my garden.
5. The chance to read something other than textbooks.
6. The time to bake.
7. Fresh produce to can for the winter.
8. The time to reorganize my house.
9. Enough water to wash clothes, dishes, the dog, or anything else.
10. Longer quiet times with the Lord, my Bible, and journal.

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