This is a team.


These 2 are a team.



It takes each one giving it their all  for the team to succeed.

Why is it important?

Because I have been thinking about the school year past and praising God for the team.

Not only the sports teams, nor just the team of teachers and staff at school, but the people all around us who help with our children and family.

Our son’s speech teachers, our tutor, the Sunday School director and all the helpers, the coaches,the neighbors willing to drive my kids to events, the people at the store who ask how the kids are,  my Mom, my in-laws…

It’s a large team but God has blessed me so much with all these wonderful people.

Yet too often I find myself struggling to do it all myself.

Not that I don’t want help,
I just don’t always know how to ask,
or I worry about making another feel obligated,
and there are the times I’m prideful, thinking I can do it.

Yet while reflecting upon all those who have been a team helping our family I think about myself.

Am I giving it my all?

Am I part of their team or simply focused on my own family?

What is the balance?


God is.

He’s the One who knows exactly which tasks, what race and position I’m to fulfill.

As long as I’m centered on Him I will be part of the team,
not because I can do it but because He can do it through me.

So I again praise Him for the team.


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