It was floating out of the radio,

“Rumor has it there’s a gavel in my hand…”

The song was singing as if God spoke,  explaining all the misconceptions about who He is and how He feels about you and I.

Then this morning I read Ps 21.

“Though they plot evil against You and devise wicked schemes, they cannot succeed; for You will make them turn their backs when You aim at them with drawn bow.” 11-12


As a Mom I find it super tough to explain the complicated facts about God, Whom I have so much to learn from still.

How can a loving God judge those who “don’t know any better? ”

Well,  they do.

Too many children have said, “That’s not fair!”, for the belief to follow that one doesn’t know what is right and wrong.

It does follow that children who are allowed to walk in things they know are wrong will eventually stop feeling the twinges of guilt, the sting of unfairness.
As a Mom and a teacher to see one wrong any child brings out a feeling of disgust (especially when I am the one who has trespassed).

And so in returning to the question I realize it’s backwards.

How can a loving God not punish those who harm others, especially when the continuation of wrong brings about the searing of understanding in what hurts another?

Would I  stand silently by and watch someone show my little girl videos of people being murdered?

Would I  ignore the bully who pushed my son into the dirt?

Would I  walk away as a man attempted to harm our teenage daughters?


I would do everything in my power to stop it, to keep the attempt from occurring in the first place.

If it were to happen I would seek punishment for the one who wronged them in an attempt to get the one responsible to change and to allow my child to understand that what occurred was wrong.

I would also forgive because that’s what God does for me.

I would be happy to see a turning away from the things that caused the hurt in the one who harmed my child.

If I can feel all of this how much more our Heavenly Father Who created each of us?

So God is a judge, but He is a loving one Who has done everything possible to turn us from the way of evil.

He even sent His Son to die and be raised again so we might have hope.

We don’t have to be the evil ones of yesterday, we can choose to die to those things and be raised in the new life of Christ!

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