Beginning again


School is over.

At least the scheduled,
class – room school.

And as the summer stretches before us,
I find myself feeling a sense of beginning.

Not a release from tasks or a dropping of To Do.

Instead a breath.

A chance to slow down.

The opportunity to let myself
get a fresh perspective.

It’s almost like a birth.

So much unknown yet the moment is too important not to savor.

What plans and errands and tasks and work which awaits these months of break are yet unknown.

However I have been praying for the chance to reconnect and refresh with my family, friends, but mostly my Heavenly Father.

As much as I want to spend time with the Lord, it’s never enough.

So as I watch the rosebuds unfold in my garden,
as the schedule and lists unfold in my day,
I plan to cling to the understanding of new beginnings.

What new beginning does the summer hold for you?

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