Down river


Life is a funny thing.

It can be all consuming,
each day full to overflowing.

Yet it steadily moves on.

Days flow into weeks which ripple into years.

Never are we in one day or one hour or one minute for a lifetime.

Often it is easy to focus on the moment, the emotions of the minute, 
the experience in the present.

the choices in today,
roll down.

The future of next year, next month, next week is affected by the actions,  attitudes, and how one articulates the moment.

Looking back on the hours spent teaching our toddlers how to act, when to respond,  and what a consequence is (both good and bad), I’m thankful for the investment.

As they become teens and young adults those hours pay off in their lives as kindness, thoughtfulness, understanding, and teachability.

As we walk through the years of learning who they want to become, the hours of long talks, tears and jokes, activities, academics, and friends
it is time well spent.

Some day it will pay off “down stream” as they work and begin their own families.

Even in my life I can think back to times when my course seemed to give two differing channels and a decision was all that kept me from one channel instead of the other.

At times I look back and see the channel chosen was full of bumps and hard sharp rocks causing me difficulty.

Every time I have chosen a course based on Scripture, grounded in my walk with Jesus, I’ve never been alone.

Though it might not be the desired way,
it may not look to be the smoothest,
when viewed from
“down river”
it was the best

The Bible even talks about our actions today planting seeds which grow in our future.

“Do not be deceived,  God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.” Gal. 6:7

As the moments flow into years,
I pray
that God will continue His grace and mercy,
guidance and peace
as my life flows from one thing to the next.

I want to always be in the channel He has dug for me.

Because down river, when life as I know it is drawing to the end,
I want to be able to smile at the
river of my life,
knowing it was Jesus Christ
who was reflected in the water.

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