Ocean’s tide



They are tracked and recorded.

They clean up the beach yet deposit all sorts of items.

They are even used as a guide for the fishermen,
when to cast and where and how.

Yet one thing about them.

They are ever changing.

It goes out.
It comes in.
It goes out again.

All in perfect rhythm.

Which for this morning is a picture of God’s faithfulness.

Every circumstance I think about causes me to see a pattern.

I was born,
grew into a child,
continued into adulthood,
got married,
had babies,
who have grown into children,
who will continue into adulthood…

Yet God has been the consistent Author of each detail.

I think about myself.
I get hurt,
realize I’m not forgiving and moving on,
so through prayer and choice I (with God’s help),
forgive the offender,
and begin again with fresh love and understanding.
Only to have something else hurt me and have to start again.

Yet God, my Father, guides me through each step like a daddy holding tight to the hands of the toddler learning to step on their round little feet.

The Word of God has washed my heart clean so many times,
and others it has deposited on the surface something I thought buried and gone.

Yet even in these times God has taught me when to let go and allow things to be washed away as well as the times when I needed to admit the stench of sin and take action to remove what was revealed.

All of this swirls in my mind as I look at the waves, endlessly washing the shore.

And I can smile,
close my eyes,
for God
is the author
and I can rest
in His promise.

Be strong and of a good courage,  fear not,  nor be afraid of them: for the LORD your God,  He it is that does go with you; He will not fail you,  nor forsake you.

Deu. 31:6

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