In the cleft of the rock


How amazing the way plants and trees can grow in the smallest crack with the harshest conditions.

Yet here is this little plant.

And it’s blooming.

What an inspiring picture of walking through difficult circumstances.

God doesn’t promise us a cushy home or an easy life,
but He promised to never leave us or forsake us.

Jesus warned: “In the world you will have tribulation: but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. ”
John 16:33b

The question comes when one is living in the turmoil of tribulation:

“Why is this happening?  How does one walk through this!”

They are very reasonable questions and each person who walks through could tell their own testimony of how God was faithful. 

Personally I have found an answer which holds no matter the circumstance, no matter the tribulation.
It is made up of 3 things:
reading the Bible,

With each painful experience God has walked me through I have been comforted by these things.

And the days I felt like giving up were invariably days I had neglected to seek God in each of these ways for just doing one didn’t give me all I needed to bloom through the storm.

I can hear the question.

What kind of blooming am I talking about?

I mean the kind which is honest enough to answer, “How are you doing? ” with a “Not very well,  if you think of me please pray.”

I mean the kind of love which refuses to “unload” on the acquaintance who said some cutting remark unknowingly.

I mean being able to cry when there is need without excuse,  because Jesus showed us it is okay and healthy to grieve.

I mean the kind of blooming which gets up and continues to look to God instead of falling into self pity.

These kinds of blooming are difficult even in the normal busy everyday,
but to walk through a tribulation and still feel for the needs of those around you is truly a fruit of a personal relationship with God.

After all,
only He is able to teach us how to grow in the cleft of the rock.


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